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Production and ageing

Our philosophy is to make quality wines from the best grapes.

The wine is made in 6,000-litre stainless steel tanks to extract the best qualities of the grapes, colour, aromas, etc. We keep the skins in contact with the must for 2 to 3 weeks, controlling the temperature during this period.

Alcoholic fermentation takes place spontaneously, i.e. we do not use yeast so that the indigenous yeast can develop and express its full potential in the wines. The fermentation temperature reaches 25ºC at its highest point.

When the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the wine is pressed and goes directly into 225 litre and 300 litre French oak barrels where it undergoes malolactic fermentation, also in a natural way.

After fermentation, the wine will spend between 8 and 24 months in barrels, depending on the wine for which each barrel will be used. The barrels are not used for more than 4 wines.

Finally bottled and left to settle in the bottle for a minimum of 8 months.

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